Particle Beams – Particle Beams Sending Specs of Dust Back in Time

Can a particle beam under the right conditions send specs of dust back into time? The answer is yes this could be possible under the right conditions, even more far out is the idea of sending dust to a set of coordinates in a region in four dimensions or a point in the atmosphere to start a cloud formation or make rain, or a huge dust cloud to shield top secret weaponry during prototype tests in the middle of a war. If you can send particles somewhere or through space to a certain coordinate or into a different time or onto another planet. You could actually terra form Mars or a distant world before you got there by sending the seeds of life to get started.

Think of it this way we are working on send in frequencies through area to other areas by bouncing them off rock or harder substances. And we have learned we can create weather both long range and years into the future with ELF. If you could send into the areas of a Plague periods of the past a biological pathogen that feed upon the Plague but did not hurt humans then you could stop the Plague from killing so many people. Would that mean people would immediately start to exist everywhere? Maybe, wouldn’t that be cool or maybe…No, you would have created a separate possible future. The terra forming aspects are quite interesting and relevant;


Also if there was a problem that you knew of in the past you could send in the cure to achieve wonderful results. But we are aware of the possibility of sending frequencies in time thus the movie Frequency that did an okay job discussing the theory. But maybe the theory is not too far off in our present abilities to unlock the process. If you are sending a particle beam which is using a light wave to transport the beam containing the particles then you can slow the beam, bend the beam, or send the beam anywhere you wish, the problem is power and wavelength needed and many other very complicated mathematical equations, but it would seem not as difficult as once thought knowing our current technology.

Now if we could send back in time the things we know or if we receive the things we know from those sending thoughts back in time to those who are able to receive such thoughts, open minded ness, similar frequency on the brain to pick up the ELF signals. Or those who have purposely gone out of their way to receive such data then, we as the human race could continually receive needed information due to the fact our brains have adapted to do so. Now then in deep thought of 1-4 hertz and ungrounded brain such as that in space, air or soaring in a balloon would pick up thoughts and ELF better since their antenna, brain was not grounded, it would work better for sending signals and collecting certain data transmission sent by quark or anti-quark from future time periods. Such is the possibilities of certain wavelengths and frequencies in various realms of the spectrum of light and other soon to be recognized scientific data we now call paranormal. Is it paranormal? Probably not and it also might not be as weird as once thought. Such signals sent out before could pass to us in the future or we could intercept occasionally by plugging into or listening or attempting to receive such data.

Should we do this? Yes, it appears that the linear time we appear to so easily understand is more difficult a concept to comprehend than the fact that all time is one time and we are also living and thinking in all time periods simultaneously having only the foresight to see and touch what we believe to be present time. Time is a very cool concept. When people ask are you living in the past, present or future, you answer should be YES> Yes We are. We because if we are all living in all time then we are actually all one since we are made up of DNA parts of the entire and we are all related to the original of past and accumulation of the future. If we or an individual of we makes a certain action it affects all time yes past too. Since past and present and future are all one. Which is actually a much simpler concept and easier to comprehend than the questions so many wish to ask such as and so many religions attempt to answer without leaving loose ends where they might actually have to prove it, good book to read is the “God Gene”, oh here are those quesitons;

“Where did I come from”

“How did the world Start”

“What will happen to me when I die” and

“What will happen to the world when it ends”

Why do all religions move to answer these questions? Whether we understand the answers or not, or whether we choose to recognize it or not, we seem to innately need more answers, so then for piece of mind: Is it proper to communicate with the past and future? Should we tempt fate, will we believe what we find? Well in a way we already communicate thru time in a way. After all we live, have lived or will live in the present, past and future and whereas that does not span all that much in a linear time sense it still is living in and thru time. So may as well learn more and help us move forward as one. This is way off tangent from the original mind exercise of the theory of moving dust through time, or is it? Well the fact is we have questions and we seek answers and we have the technology to move into other dimensions now, so should we move to the nect step and seek the answers, do we dare? Does our society so depend on certain truths that we don’t dare? Are we confident enough in our beliefs to prove ourselves right? Wrong? Then what? Does society break down? Or do we as a species grow?

If you can move dust particles maybe you can move nano particles and thus move organic or building blocks through time to a place of your choosing. Move DNA, RNA, Nano-Devices to another place and another time to start life with the same components you wish to promote, ah ha so are we someone else’s experiment thru time, terra forming, a part of another. Sending instructions of how to form life to a place life will flourish one of Saturn’s Moons with water ice or under the surface of Mars where water exists does not take the capability of sending thru time, only to a near planet. If we can do this should we try for a greater distance or different time or is it “all relative” anyway and we are trapped here in linear time only because we have not broken the code yet? Will super computers and quantum mechanics allow us the next-step.

Perhaps local solar system moons with volcanic heat coming from the moon’s or planet’s interior or from a Sun near a planet is a good place to start or practice this concept since many exist in the similar fashion as Earth with similar ratios of elements. They may not contain the exact components that make up our atmosphere, but certainly enough to support some sort of life similar to our current DNA or current DNA we can find here on Earth. After all, human DNA and Wheat DNA are quite similar. But it is life as we know it and we could send such anywhere we want to, if we chose to and if we feel it appropriate to from an ethics standpoint. If people could throw away their notions of ugly and pretty based on their current perception from their viewpoint of how their eye sight and brain interpret beauty or substance then it might be easier and with proper understanding it is possible, sure we love blue rivers and blue sky, green forests, yet is that so important to negate the possibilities of suitable other worlds? We are missing the best part of reality when we deny ourselves to study and open our minds to the data before us. Regarding all the conspiracy theories of this


this is all fun and games, but the reality of this technology can really open the human mind to a much needed boost of input. And allow us harmony with all species and understanding of who we are and why we are here. Open your mind and vote for more research spending on these things. Think of a system set up to allow you to receive and email from a family member in the future or being able in the future to send and receive emails from the future, describing the future and warning about the future. Pretty cool. Think of this in the realm of 5000 years in the future and arrange meetings to visit it. This will be possible within the next 100 years or less at the rate of new technology discoveries.

What are the possibilities in the here and now for such incredible data and knowledge? Think in the future you could meet the past twenty generations of your family ask them questions and they you. Wouldn’t they be proud of you and wouldn’t it make you want to not let them down. Perhaps this might be the future of the village it takes to raise a child, you correctly. This has been a twilight zone thought of the day. What say you?

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 Articles