Big Bang Machine – Will the big bang machine or black hole machine destroy the world in 2010?

i mean ive been going crazy about 2012 and this site has helped me a lot about what the calender means so uh well thanks a lot guys but well i searched black hole machine and someone said they will launch next year in 2012 in september? please help me undertsand im so confused and scared all the time.

You’re probably talking about the scare-stories some people are throwing around about the Large Hadron Collider, a new and very high energy accelerator.

That seems to be the latest thing every time there’s a new higher-energy accelerator experiment planned. “OMG OMG they’re going to make a black hole and destroy the earth” or “OMG OMG they’re going to re-create the Big Bang and destroy the earth”. None of this has any actual basis in physics, it’s just half-baked misunderstandings based on misreadings of something from the press releases.

Then the experiment happens and the scare stories subside. Then there’s a new accelerator experiment planned and it starts all over again.

This is all just as unscientific and nonsensical as the 2012 stuff. The difference is that there are a couple of people with scientific background who apparently appear on these scare sites. However, their scientific background tends to be in non-physics fields such as botany. They don’t know any more about the physics than the average layman.


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Saturday, March 13th, 2010 Questions