Large Hadron Collider – The Large Hadron Collider in Geneva – Risks?

As the LHC should be ready for firing at full power at some point in the near future, I was wondering what the implications might be if something went wrong with the machine. I've heard theories ranging anything from the ultimate collapse of the space-time continuum and physics as we know it, to all of the quantum interference of a mosquito farting. Does anyone have an opinion on the LHC's risks and possible negative effects? Many thanks for your time.

Those theories aren't based on science. They have as much validity as the 2012 nonsense, and they've been replacing 2012 here in the last few weeks. In fact, some trolls seem to have set up accounts specifically for the purpose of asking "Is the LHC gonna end the world?" a couple of times a day.

There aren't any risks. The energies and more occur routinely in the upper atmosphere as natural processes every day. And the upper atmosphere has not created any black holes or ended the world so far as I know.

The largest risk is that some idiot paranoid crazy people try to destroy the LHC, causing incredible dollar amounts of damage and hurting people operating it. This will infuriate scientists and people who use logic around the globe, starting a war between people who use science and people who don't. Of course, the people who use science have created every weapon and communications system in the world, so they will win. Without moron conspiracy theorists around there will be no impediments to scientific progress and a wonderful new world will come about.

So that's the biggest risk to you conspiracy people.

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 Questions